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The Phyllis A. Marine Association is always looking for interested (and interesting) people to volunteer!

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Phyllis A. Marine Association

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May 19, 2014 - The Phyllis A. Marine Associationwas awarded a $1000 Awesome Gloucester Grant. We were pleasantly surprised to be chosen among the other well-deserving candidates.

The project awarded allows the rebuilding of our floats. This will allow better access to the vessel for visitors and for in water work on the vessel.

To view the full grant application check the Awesome Gloucester website  at http://www.awesomefoundation.org/en/projects/32446-the-phyllis-a

Awesome Gloucester Grant 

Phyllis A to haul 6/13/14

June 12, 2014 - The historic gillnet fishing vesselPhyllis A will be hauled out at the Gloucester Marine Railways on Rocky Neck, for the next phase of restoration. Hauling will occur around 10:30-11am. Come down and watch the fun!

This next phase of restoration is funded by the people of Gloucester through Community Preservation Act Grants!

Photos and video will be posted after the haul!

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Phyllis A Hauled!

June 13, 2014 - At noontime today, the Phyllis A had made her way completely out of the water to begin the next phase of restoration!

The (shaky) video below highlights the process!

Watch the video, then be sure to donate at the button below so we can keep moving forward! What an exciting year!

Phyllis A Marine Association makes front page of GDT

June 18, 2014 - Great front page story about Phyllis A! Be sure to follow the link and check it out! Pictures too!



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Maritime Saturdays

Saturdays: 8/30, 9/20, and 9/27

10AM to 2PM

See the WHOLE Phyllis A while she is hauled on the "ways."

Find out what is happening with the oldest former fishing vessel in Gloucester.

Share a mug-up with us!

at Gloucester Marine Railways, 81 Rocky Neck Avenue, Gloucester

Promoting the history of gillnetting in Gloucester, Massachusetts, through the display and preservation of the fishing vessel Phyllis A. - Gloucester's oldest fishing vessel.


Local artist John Nesta, has donated his painting of the Phyllis A for a raffle!

Only 250 tickets will be sold!

Tickets are $20.00 each and can be purchased at the PAMA store online,

or at one of our summer events!

Don't miss out! 

Schooner Challenge to benefit phyllis A

On September 13, 3014, at 10:00am, two Gloucester schooners will host a "schooner challenge" to benefit the Phyllis A

Get your ticket to ride along and join the crews of the Schooner Thomas E. Lannon  and  Schooner Ardelle as the captains challenge each crew to tasks such as: knot tying, weighing anchor, sail raising and much more!

All proceeds benefit the mission of the
Phyllis A Marine Association

Tickets available at the PAMA Online Store, at our booths at the Gloucester Downtown Block Party 8/16, at Maritime Saturday 8/30, or by calling 978-283-9292.

You may purchase a ticket for a specific schooner, as space provides.

The Schooner Lannon will board from Seven Seas Wharf and the Schooner Ardelle will board from Maritime Gloucester.

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Phyllis A Online store now open

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Here we go.....

SenAtor Tarr and Represenative Ferrante secure $200,000 for restoration of the Phyllis A

Back in May, we received an email from Senator Tarr's office. He was submitting a request to the 2014 Capital Bond Bill of $1.5 million to come to Gloucester for restoration projects. Within this request was $200,000 for the Phyllis A! Much excitement ensued, but it was cautious excitement. Anything could happen as the bill ventured through the Senate and House. We kept hoping!

Then word came that Representative Ferrante helped nudge the request through the House! Ok, that's one more step... but we were still cautious with our excitement.

On August 13th, just 2 months after our haul to do restoration work funded           through the Gloucester Community Preservation Commission, word came  through that Governor Patrick had signed the bill! Hazzah!

We have hit our goal for the stern restoration - and then some!

We are so excited! 

As we wait to get word on how and when the funds are released, we are writing

a grant to acquire another $200,000 to complete the restoration. This is a

matching funds grant and we are not sure yet if the State funds can be used for

matching. Now, we are working hard on this year's appeal. Meeting our

goal will have us prepared for matching, and allow us to begin work on the

other legs of the organization.

 Please, help us reach our new goal. With our minimal overhead, any donation can help tremendously!

Thank you!